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Ask Us About The Cloud

Dynamic Alliance offers cloud computing services for small to medium business. Cloud computing is a new way of thinking about IT infrastructure. It means storing and accessing data and programs over the internet instead of your local hard drive or on-premises servers. With cloud computing services, businesses have the ability to increase capacity and add capabilities to their network on demand, without investing in new infrastructure, training new personnel, or licensing additional software.

Some of the most common cloud computing resources are hosted Exchange (Microsoft cloud-based e-mail), file sharing services such as Microsoft OneDrive and offsite data backup such as Microsoft Azure Backup.

These services can be accessed from compatible desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile devices. With cloud computing services, cloud computing providers manage the systems and take the complications of hosting and maintaining these servers and applications away from businesses. When using cloud based services offered by Dynamic Alliance, business can rest assured that this data is secured.

To learn more about the cloud computing services that are available from Dynamic Alliance, please contact us.

Microsoft Office 365 Service Provider

As a Microsoft Partner, Dynamic Alliance provides complete migration services to transfer your existing email to the cloud to leverage the full capabilities of Microsoft Office 365. Dynamic Alliance will consult with you to determine the Microsoft Office 365 subscription which best accommodates the specific needs of your small to medium business.

Dynamic Alliance is a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider
Authorized Reseller

Secure Cloud File Storage

Dynamic Alliance can configure a secure cloud-based file storage strategy for your small to medium business. We leverage our partnerships with Microsoft and other venders to provide a solution which accommodates your needs today, while providing scalability to support your business in the coming years. When you leverage Dynamic Alliance to manage these services, you're dealing with a local Connecticut-based service provider instead of waiting in support queues or support forums for Microsoft.

Hosted Cloud Servers

Our partnership with Microsoft allows us to offer a variety of virtual cloud-based servers for your business. The professionals at Dynamic Alliance will work with you to properly size, configure, deploy, and secure this virtual server. When your business needs out grow your existing physical server capacity, considering a cloud based virtual server may prove to be an affordable, quick option for your small to medium business.