Managed IT Security Services

anti-virus, spam filtering, firewalls, and more

At Dynamic Alliance, we pride ourselves on the complete array of security services which we are able to provide to our Connecticut business clients. We provide a blanket of protection with tight network integration to help protect your entire computing infrastructure.

We have established multiple layers of protection to help prevent threats from accessing your network. Should something get through, then the protection mechanisms installed on your computing devices come into play. In a worst case scenario where your computing infrastructure is damaged through a catastrophic outage or natural disaster, then our business continuity planning will return your business to operation as fast as possible.

SPAM filtering

Most spam email is simply a nuisance. However, some spam email can contain harmful attachments or embedded scripts which can compromise the security of your end users and networked devices. Dynamic Alliance can install, monitor, and maintain spam filtering technology to help eliminate spam before it ever reaches your end users – stopping the threat before it reaches its intended destination. Our tools quarantine the suspect emails and provide an E-Digest to you so the messages can be reviewed harmlessly and ensure no valid emails were accidentally flagged as spam.

anti-virus protection

Many end users are familiar, to some degree, with anti-virus technologies. At Dynamic Alliance, we have taken Anti-Virus strategies to a new level. Our virus and malware detection services are installed at your business and Dynamic Alliance is alerted if one of your devices becomes compromised. We proactively monitor your devices and, in many instances, we are able to remedy the problem remotely before the end user is aware that a problem existed.

update management

Many viruses and malware depend on weaknesses or vulnerabilities in operating systems or commonly used software applications. Dynamic Alliance can monitor your computers to ensure that Windows, Office, Adobe, Java, and other commonly used applications and technologies are up-to-date with the latest vendor supplied security updates and patches. If required updates are missing, they can be applied remotely before a problem occurs.


Dynamic Alliance was an early adopter of high end, premium firewall technology. These firewalls utilize Unified Threat Management (UMT) which is multiple anti-virus and anti-malware products in combination to help protect your network. This technology is installed on the network of your small to medium business and will not only protect your network, but can be configured to optimize the network traffic within your company. Dynamic Alliance can remotely monitor and maintain the firewall to ensure continued protection and efficiency.

business continuity services

Business Continuity Services help businesses restore and recover from minor or catastrophic outages. When disaster strikes, returning your business to operation as quickly as possible can make a significant difference to your business, your employees, and your respective customers. At Dynamic Alliance, we have helped our clients with small isolated incidents, and major issues such as Hurricanes Irene and Sandy.

Dynamic Alliance helps customers stay in communication with their vendors/customers and has the products that can have our clients restored in as little as a few hours. There are three categories of Business Continuity Services which are provided by Dynamic Alliance. Contact us to discuss the plan which best fits your needs.